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It's 1969 all over again

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 9 May 2013
Rating:   10

Simon is a fantastic, steady writer with no bad story to his credit yet, and with the second outing in the Destiny set, he delivers a great story once more. Frazer Hines as always brings the whole crew of "his" TARDIS crew to vivid and awesome life, especially with his uncanny and brilliant Pat Troughton. And here his impressions are about the best ever. Evie Dawnay is also great in her role in a story that is fast paced and yet boasts a few pepperings of horror and comedy, and just sums up all that was so brilliant about the Second Doctor's tenure on the screen all those years ago in the late sixties. Pat has always been my favourite Doctor and its still so sad to know that he's been long gone, but Frazer is so ruddy excellent in his portrayal of him that in some places youd swear Pat was in the recording studio with the other two actors, he's that efficient. Every character of the TARDIS crew is spot on too, with Jamie being the dependable scot, and Zoe being the somewhat aloof but easily rattled Zoe, and the second Doctor appearing to be comedic and dilly dandy but really is very very clever and misleading. And the cameo from the eleventh Doctor is good and interesting too. The shadow itself is also well realised, and the reasons for their behaviour novel and yet very believable. This should have been done all those years ago on screen. For this script flawlessly evokes such memories of those classic black and white days. Well done Simon, and well done Frazer and Evie.

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