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Irony Abounding

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 6 September 2003
Rating:   7

Of the many companions of the series, Peri suffered from some of the worst characterization. The novels and audios have gone a long way to fix that error, and in this novel we get a Peri whose appeal is more than just sexual. The Doctor 5/Peri combination had only two stories to develop, so it is nice to see and hear it go further. They would have been an excellent combination had things worked out. About the novel itself, Walters writes an exciting story about the consequences of cult worship. The gods are not what they seem. His vulpine aliens are nasty, but nasty by nature, and certainly have redeemable traits. This is one definitely worth reading.

We are the supreme beings!

By:Hatman, are you calling me a liar?
Date:Tuesday 8 August 2006
Rating:   6

seems like a mix of only human, half-life and fear of the dark. taking the bad elements from all three. The fox creatures (Valethske)were good villans, though.

Superior Read

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 12 June 2013
Rating:   9

This is fast paced, throughly excting yarn which held my attention for the entire book.
Sometimes in these PDA books, the writers get bogged down in the description of the aliens & there history. It often becomes all sub Tolkien (I'm not a fan) and starts to drift off into fantasy.
This novel keeps the alien baddies very basic but also very interesting.
Been warned. This is a very graphic (violence) novel in places and is probably not for the faint hearted, however if like me your a fan of the Ailen/Ailens films I think you may like this all though having said that its nothing like either !
The Doctor, Peri & the rest of the cast are really well fleshed out and throughly interesting, though like Caves Of Androzani not many of them survive, and I really enjoyed the ending.
A highly reccomended book with a bounus feature of Peri being naked in a couple of scenes, if only it was on film !

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