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A Classic?

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 17 July 2006
Rating:   7

Fans have a love/hate relationship with "Genesis Of The Daleks." It is often considered a classic, yet, close analysis shows that it has the usual weaknesses of Terry Nation scripts. One of those weaknesses was padding in the middle, such as Sarah's pointless breakout attempt, which goes on too long, ends in nothing, and advances the story only to the extent that it allows Harry and the Doctor to figure out where Sarah is so that they can rescue her. This audio version, released on LP some time in the '70s, cuts away large amounts of the deadwood to the betterment of the story as a whole. Some of the better aspects are the performances of Michael Wisher (still the best Davros) and Peter Miles, and the premise of the story. The thousand year war with two sides nearing total social collapse is a marvellous idea. Another one is having Dr. Strangelove (aka Davros) running the whole show. Nation does a brilliant job of showing how totally paranoid and haywire any such situation would be.

The children's radio special "Exploration Earth" is there mainly for curiosity appeal. Designed to teach children about the formation of the Earth, the story gives silly lines to Sarah and presents us with the very silly and not at all frightening bad-guy, the Migron Just what it does and what makes it so bad are never quite explained, but any monster put out by a few flowers is not really deserving of the name "monster."

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