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Superb 1969

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 23 November 2013
Rating:   10

As a sequel to a brilliant Will Hartnell adventure years before, this story succeeds admirably. There is so much brilliant sound design on this story, making it even more of a treat to listen to. And so much is packed into this tale as well, it never once pauses for breath. So much happens to Jamie and Zoe, and the bonding work between them comes over far stronger than many other TV stories of the original series, and gives their characters such a sharper edge and bond with that too. Frazer is sublime once more as Pat Troughton as well, its amazing his uncanny interpretation of the Doctor! And I have to add the fact that Miss Faber is astoundingly delicious as the Queen of Time Hecuba. That laugh of hers is so amazingly creepy and echoing...and shes so sadistically artistic! This has to be one of the strongest stories of Pat's in the lost stories range, and the others were excellent enough! I must recommend this great tale from a story by Brian Hayles, that brilliant old series writer...Catherine Harvey, thanks so much for a cracking good story....

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