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By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 29 November 2012
Rating:   2

This new series now has dulled to the point where I cant be bothered with it at all anymore. I just cant see how anyone in the word would see this first half of season seven as anything other than a collosal letdown.

The Doctor of the old series was always a byword for GOOD, yet here the mans turning into rather a weird and disturbing individual, especially in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Ive seen him let far worse villians go with less of murdering touch. Here the character of the Doctor just sunk to the depths of villain more than anything else. Hes given plenty worse a second chance before, why not again here? Sad and moronic what with those totally stupid ott robots prancing about all over the screen.

The Dalek Asylum is mental, for all the wrong reasons too. i just didnt get the jist of this strange story at all. And JLC, set to become the new companion, has the quality already with this tale to really really irritate the hell out of me. And dont get me started on that totally totally boring cube effort, where nothing even remotely sane happens for the whole forty five minutes.

And the angels...well, lets just say the ending could and should have been far more dramatic than Amy just ruddy getting pregnant again. Cant they think anything better up? Obviously not.

The only half decent story here was A Town Called Mercy, which was rather a rock amoungst the pebbles, with better drawn characters and a better side to the Doctor for once again emerging, but its too little in an otherwise dsastrous half season. Oh boy and weve goot pathetic snowmen to look forward too for Christmas, so Ill give it a miss I think.....

Good, but Getting Tired

By:Doug W, An Alternate Reality (formerly Pocono Summit), United States
Date:Sunday 23 December 2012
Rating:   7

Series 7, Part 1 needs to be defended after being dumped on by Matthew, the previous reviewer. I'll grant that what we got here doesn't quite measure up to Series 5 and 6. But there's still a lot of gorgeous stuff here.

Asylum of the Daleks is just freakin' great Doctor Who. A very interesting, if somewhat puzzling story (why are the different Dalek factions together now, what's up with their asylum planet, etc.), looks beautiful, great pacing, and the ending is terrific. The Doctor is making some great strides toward removing himself from the eyes of the universe, moving back into the shadows.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship... okay... a hastily assembled crew of companions. But it's great fun, and again, looks beautiful.

A Town Called Mercy... this one I think is definitely *not* the boulder of the season. There's really very little substance here. This is Doctor Who lite. But once again, some beautiful stuff.

The Power of Three... this one is unconventional. Again, not a heavy-duty script, but I was not bored. And it highlights just how stupid and gullible the majority of our tech-obsessed, consumer-driven society is, which I love.

The Angels Take Manhattan... this is a just a cool story, though by now, the Angels are getting a bit played out. A couple of neat set and story elements here, some great atmosphere, and they finally get rid of Amy and Rory with what appears to be a conclusive, somewhat spectacular (and a bit sad) end. Amy and Rory were fun, but not three-seasons-long fun.

Onward to new things, and hopefully an awesome Anniversary year.

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