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Too Big For Its Britches

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 6 September 2003
Rating:   2

Craig Hinton is perhaps my least favorite of the Doctor Who novelists. And this is my least favorite of his books. The main problem is that Hinton tries to write big, really big. We are talking all the universe all of space and time big. But, his rather pedestrian approach to cosmic plots creates a huge dischord. I am always leary when mere mortals try to write about and in the point of view of gods or godlike beings. The earthly metaphors rarely match the immense powers that these beings are supposed to have. Furthermore, Hinton seems to be of the school of writers who presume that everyone whom the Doctor meets for any extended amount of time is made miserable by it. So our characters who return from "The Time Monster" all have had horrible lives. And Mel is furious at the Doctor for something that was not his fault. I thought the Doctor was supposed to be a hero. Flawed, yes, but heroic nevertheless.

Not for beginners

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 26 August 2008
Rating:   5

This book is heavily referential to the past that definitely would not recommended it to anyone who does not have an encyclopedic knowledge of Doctor Who, i.e. a sad git like me. Having said that, this is an OK story with some good bits in it.

Good Sequel to The Time Monster

By:Dan Mould, Feltham, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 14 September 2014
Rating:   7

Story has many good points, such as the level of detail Hinton goes into concerning the Chronovores and their relationship with the universe. Story is fast-paced as you are constantly moving from place to place as the Doctor struggles to keep the universe together whilst under threat from the Chronovores and the Archangel. Overall this book is a welcome addition to the Doctor Who Universe and for die-hard fans who know too much about the whoniverse (that is possible) this is a definetly worth a read.

Much under-rated !

By:Hugh E. Oxburgh, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 29 July 2018
Rating:   7

I would pretty much agree with what Dan Mould & Trevor Smith have said about this & take issue bigtime with the reviewer who criticised Craig Hinton's style. Although it is a bit mind-boggling & a pretty good knowledge of the show's backstory is certainly needed, I think it was a highly creditable sequel to "The Time Monster"-in fact, I think it has a better storyline. I'm not a great fan of the character of Mel, mainly because I'm old enough to remember the actress from the "Just William" TV shows and I saw Mel as an equally annoying adult version of her character. I am however most definitely a fan of Colin's portrayal of the Doctor, and like the other PDAs & MAs that feature the Sixth Doctor, this novel does justice to him in a way that the BBC scripts never did.

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