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Magic Still There!

By:Marty Dallas, Franklin, United States
Date:Wednesday 21 January 2015
Rating:   10

The Tardis crew of the 4th Doctor,Romana2 and K-9 are at last re-united to the excitement of many fans(myself included). The question most have asked themselves is how will Tom and Lalla come across considering their past. Wait no more!! The magic between them is still there and it feels as f they were never apart not skipping a beat.

I am not going to have any spoilers as this is brand new and I am sure many have yet to find the time to listen. This story will appeal to not only Doctor Who fans but fans of the "walker" genre. If you are fan of the classic 'City of Death" team then you will not want to pass up the Gareth Roberts set.

Flaming brilliant story

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 17 November 2015
Rating:   10

This kind of has an Agatha Christie-esque feel to it. The characters are all very large in volume and are brilliantly witty and interesting at the same time. I haven't ever read the original novel of this audio adaptation but going just from this superbly cast and acted story its an all out winner again for Gareth Roberts.

Lalla Ward is brilliant as Romana, and yet again her pairing with Tom is perfect season 17 again. And there seems to be just a hint of Shada amidst the folds of this story too. Tom is on fine form too, as is the rest of the superb cast. This could have been done as a Doctor Who film! The sound design again is superb. This really does feel like a classy romp back in the thirties. I cant wait to hear The Well Mannered War soon, to complete my Gareth Roberts audio set! If its as good as The English Way of Death, then i'm in for a treat....

Definitely Graham Williams Material

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 11 August 2020
Rating:   7

This is a pretty straightforward adaptation of Gareth Roberts' novel. Roberts, one suspects, really, really wanted to write for Graham Williams. The story here would fit in with that era. It is rather light, slightly weird, and full of nonsense. Roberts never takes the threat or the situations or the characters all that seriously, so much of it has a just for fun feel. Those who adore the Williams-era Doctor Who will undoubtedly adore this.

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