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Season 17? Not really...but...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 17 November 2015
Rating:   10

The seventeenth season of Doctor Who may not be the most applauded in the shows history, but it boasted wonderfully over the top characters and extravagant plotlines and also the firm foundation of both Tom and Lalla who spark off each other so well. Nothing can be all bad with these ingredients in the mix.

The Romance of Crime was a brilliant novel, and here it is now in almost perfect audio reproduction: nearly perfect meaning a few lines are tweaked and a few scenes slightly added to, but on the whole this is a great, superb audio novel adaptation. Gareth Roberts perfectly captures the feel of the rock solid bonding of Tom and Lalla, but also with this novel now audio story, gives them a good story as well as the larger than life villain. In fact, the deaths sound rather disgusting and euggghhhhh here, so probably this may well have been more of a Philip Hinchcliffe production than a Graham Williams, but still its a really great story that big finish have done brilliant things with! Miranda Raison shines as the psychotic Xais, whilst Michael Troughton joins Drax, Milo Clancey and Rory Williams in the lovable idiot brigade splendidly!

And the Ogrons are voiced very well indeed, easily bringing back a brilliantly realised visual monster, but they still work so well in this story on audio. And at last the ogrons have names. And the sugarcane slapstick humour of season seventeen is present in some of the scenes with the big apes!!!!! This is a brilliant adaptation by John Dorney. I like this story even more than ever now.

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