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Unfairly portrayed

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 26 June 2012
Rating:   9

Death to The Daleks is just another in the line of stories, that I at least feel get totally unwarranted negative reception, stories like Timelash and Attack of The Cybermen and Mark and Time And The Rani all have had it, and all are quite brilliant stories, at least to me. And Death to the Daleks is another of those stories.

The opening ten minutes of this story is undoubtedly creepy in the extreme sense of the word, with the truly convincing swirling fog and darkness and those very well designed exxilons creeping about just at the edge of the camera. And Sarah shows her guts again in battling that wicked little exxilon in the TARDIS.

Jon Pertwee too again really impresses with his role as the ever brilliant commanding third incarnation of the Doctor. Here he is fiercely protective of Sarah, I love the scene of his diving in to fight all those exxilons in the primitive dwelling.

And the root and the anitbodies are both brilliantly designed, and work really well in their respective roles in assistance to the living city of the exxilons. And the melting screaming ruined city at the end is extremely well done, a brilliant effect of melting agonized ice cream.

Arnold Yarrow impresses as Bellal, a very likeable companion to the Doctor in his trip to the city. And for once the daleks get some serious frying from the root! Awesomely done scenes.

And the crew of the wrecked earth mission are all good and have decent backbone, and all are actually realistically acted and not over the top. The first scene of the show too, with Terry Walsh with an arrow in his guts, is pretty gross and unexpected. And the threads of the story hang together very well indeed.

Although maybe just perhaps one would like to know how the daleks did the logic game of that maze with their suckers, probably extruded mind power to trace a line I expect.

But this story is one of the stronger Jon Pertwee tales, it hangs together very well and the pace is good, and the exxilons truly feel like a proper alien race with a history. So, overall this is far too impressive to down that much at all. A great slice of Doctor Who. The mentally frantic dalek going bonkers too isnt all that bad. Given the dalek supremes destroying an underling the dalek tale beforehand for failure, its to me no wonder why that dalek goes rather demented. Michael Wisher's dalek voices too are good.

This is the end....

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 18 September 2012
Rating:   6

This is the third & final 3rd Doctor/Dalek story and it's the dullest by far.
This is a flat unintresting story that only really gets going when the Doctor has to work his way around the city of the Exxillons.
The Daleks have never looked or sounded lest threatening & the cast and crew just look bored.
The DVD extras aren't much to shout about either apart from an ok making of documentary.
Thank goodness that the next Dalek story was the magnificent Genesis that saved there reputation.
For collectors only.

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