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OMG it's Star Wars

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 23 December 2012
Rating:   8

The penny suddenly dropped: hands chopped off, tumbling from great heights, princes and princess in love (sort of) space empires, mystical powers. A dark emperor with face mask and heavy breathing, it's a Doctor Who version of The Star Wars trilogy.

With so many winning elements of Star Wars, mixed up and with a twist of Doctor Who it all comes together in an enjoyable story.


By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 22 October 2019
Rating:   6

The second installment of the sort-of-Excelis trilogy is The Acheron Pulse, a title that demands an explanation that never arrives. We get the pulse alright. Just why is it called the "Acheron" pulse, though? It is now 30 years after the events of "The Burning Prince" and Cheni, daughter of Tuvold and cousin of the evil Aliona is now its Empress. The empire is threatened, though, by mask-wearing, deep-breathing Tenebris and his Wrath warriors. If one has listened to "The Burning Prince" it is not hard to guess who Tenebris and the Wrath really are. One thing author Rick Briggs has done is to take the science-fictional origin of the Igriss and turn it into magic, so they are not genetically manufactured beings (which makes sense), but humans who have had their intellect sucked out to some dark dimension and their bodies regressed by a mysterious power called for no particular reason an Acheron Pulse (which does not make sense). There are throw-away references to Macbeth, Star Wars, and half a dozen other stories. Doctor 6 does get some good lines and comes across quite well.

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