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In a word: Weird

By:Simon, Sydney, Australia
Date:Monday 22 July 2002
Rating:   6

Very strange book, and you'll probably enjoy it if you like tahe sort of thing. I found it to be a bit too over the top. Started off well, just got freakier and freakier, and the ending was quite unsatisfying. I don't really like the Iris character, she was just plain annoying. However, the Third Doc wa well writen and I do have a soft spot for Jo Grant...
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By:The Master, UK
Date:Wednesday 27 August 2003
Rating:   1

The Author thinks hes wrote a clever book but its just a load of crap.

Between Time Monster and 3 Doctors...

By:Jay, Canada
Date:Sunday 7 December 2003
Rating:   8

Hilarious and camp, fits well between it's gaudy tv neighbours and even manages to fuse the worlds of The Tomorrow People and Doctor Who into one bizarre story! Twisted, brilliant, and fun.

Carry On 70s SF

By:Stephen Carlin, Bangor, Northern Ireland
Date:Monday 9 February 2004
Rating:   1

Imagine a Carry On film with some of the lesser Carry On cast, you know - Jim Dale, Jack Douglas and June Whitfield. From the very start you wish that Sid James, Kenneth Williams et al had signed up for this one - at least there might have been some redeeming feature.

That's what this book is like. Instead of a clever satire on Doctor Who and The Tomorrow People its a collection of ideas (UNIT is just a conspiracy to make aliens look evil, the Doctor look like the world's saviour, the Brigadier running a convenience store - Benton and Yates his staff). Unfortunately it comes across as a drunken rambling with the inebriated author chuckling at his own jokes while his sober audience politely smiles.

I enjoy humour and I enjoy clever satires, but I do not enjoy out and out silliness. Its like Monty Python does Doctor Who with Graham Chapman popping up as the Brigadier and saying "Stop this right now, you are all being very silly".

I did not enjoy this book at all.

Very Odd Indeed

By:Claire Chaplin, Gillingham, Kent, Ebgland
Date:Wednesday 18 May 2005
Rating:   10

It's a matter of taste with Paul Magrs novels, if you like the bizzare then this is definately the novel for you.
A friend lent it to me to read and we're still talking about it now!

An enjoyable read that is a change from the norm.


By:Matt Bennett, Cardiff
Date:Thursday 25 August 2005
Rating:   9

Your response to Verdigris will depend upon what your expectations are, and whether you enjoy camp nonsense or not. If you are expecting a faithful re-tread of a Pertwee tv story, you won't get it. What you will get is a marvellously silly camp-fest that parades it's love of all things Seventies. Luckily, this kind of thing is very much my bag, and so I love it.

Iris #*(%?&$&?$ Wildthyme

Date:Thursday 14 January 2010
Rating:   3

This seems to me more a book by an author who has created a character he likes - Iris «Annoying» Wildthyme - and wants to plug it in an existing well-loved universe, namely DW, than a novel about the third Doctor. It doesn't make much sense, just weird things happening for a while and when it does finally come together, its a major disapointment. So stay away from it unless you have to read them all or if Iris Wildthyme is on your list of top cool book characters.

What A Mess

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 22 July 2013
Rating:   2

This book seems to be an attempted parody of The Tomorrow People, here called The Children of Destiny. Instead, it just rambles along without rhyme or reason from one stupid incident to the next. It shifts point of view for no clear reason, and the author indulges far too many throw-away ideas as though they were inspired acts of genius. The basic idea is that a low-rent Time Lord, the loudly drunk Iris Wyldthyme, has concocted a plot to rescue Doctor 3 from his exile on Earth, but has for a long time completely forgotten all about it. This rescue involved magic, of all things, but Green magic, whatever that is, and not Black or White magic. This Green magic is the strange being Verdigris, who takes Iris's instructions and then concocts a preposterous plan involving duping an alien race into transporting themselves dressed as characters from historical fiction onto Earth, creating robotic killer sheep, duping a bunch of teenagers into believing they have super powers and are working for the galactic federation, and brainwashing UNIT members into believing they are running a convenience store. Throughout the book, the Doctor is pretty much useless. In addition, somehow this Verdigris creature has come to be employed by the Master, though where or when they met and what hold the Master has over the creature is never spelled out. None of it gets explained to any degree of credibility and little of it gets explained at all. Magrs should know, and probably does, that "magic" explains nothing and is simply his get out of jail free card so he can dodge his obligation of making sense.

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