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Romana's First Encounter with the Daleks

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 13 June 2016
Rating:   7

Big Finish keeps that 1978 vibe going for the big finish of the (sadly) only season with Romana I. "The Dalek Contract" finds our heroes chasing after the results of their encounters with the Laan. They find a planet barely surviving oppression from Cuthbert, the self-made northerner of dubious morality, who is using the Daleks as a security force. Of course, the Doctor knows this makes no sense and something else must be going on. Big Finish has done everything they could to recreate the 1978 feeling. The soundtrack harkens to Dudley Simpson in many ways. The story has the half-the-series-budget sweep of the season finales from the late 70s. This episode suffers a bit from being just part 1. Also, the restrictions of storytelling to keep it in spirit close off many possibilities. Fans will probably go nuts for this precisely because it is so exactly 1978 in everything except for the stereophonic sound design.

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