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Not half as bad as I recall

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 21 March 2012
Rating:   9

I never used to like the Daemons, goodness knows why not. For now, in this brilliant double disc set, I got real value for money.

I dont quite know why I didnt use to like this story, maybe it was because I was younger and didnt get it. But now upon reniewed viewing I find this adventure a very good season closer.

All the main characters, Jon, Katy, Nicholas, John, Rich and Roger are perhaps at the height of their powers. And all the other characters are solid and well portrayed. The realisation of Bok is a great one, and Stephen Thorne probably gives his best Doctor Who performance as the towering Azal, with that immense voice booming out.

There are some pretty good effects too, especially some of the heat wave scenes and the Doctor's freezing at the end of part one. There are also some very good moral pointers here and there. The story has pace, and keeps it up well till the excellent climax in the church.

The setting of the village too is excellent, giving mood and atmosphere to a genuinely scary story. Maybe the final scene of Jo's intending sacrifice is just a little too fast and rushed, but other than that, this story has far more going for it than I previously thought. Its a solid presentation of all the elements that made Jon's reign as the Doctor so brilliant. It has action, humour, a little touch of horror, and a fine cast. So what more could one ask for in a Doctor Who season closer?

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