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Good Sequel

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 6 September 2003
Rating:   7

Most the novel sequels to well-liked Who stories have been sad disappointments. I was not disappointed with this one. As usual with Boucher stories, the background is well-worked out so that characters move and act in believable ways. Also, Boucher chooses wisely not to write "Robots of Death" again, but to give a substantially new and different sort of story years after the events of the first. Overall, I am perplexed by the dissatisfied reaction of the fans to Boucher's books. In my opinion, Boucher's refusal to turn Doctor Who into comic-book silliness is refreshing and the right way to take the series.

Boucher does it again !

By:justin wayne richards, swansea, wales
Date:Wednesday 18 October 2006
Rating:   10

And once again Boucher has captured the spirit of the series "spot on". Considering he wrote 3 of Tom Bakers best and most remembered stories (Face of evil, Robots of death and Image of the fendahl)its not a suprise that this book is so good.The Doctor and leela are probably the best representations in the book series ive read thus far (for more of the same check out Last man running) and the characterisations of Toos, Uvanov and Poul are indistinguishable from the tv show (its always nice to have a face to charactures). The plot is edge of your seat, intriguing and plays by the rules but gives you something new(what more could you want)like other Boucher books has gore but thank god it is only in 1 maybe 4 scenes on boy its coldly graphic rather than in your face and out of touch. In this book Boucher has given a face to Kaldor city and the class and political systems within and who could forget the robo-phobia something that has for me been almost "made flesh" as it were. His style of writing is fantastic and people who critisize are more at home with writers like Mick lewis or Dave stone (for to opposits to each other as well as Boucher) for both new and old who fans this is one of the best sequels so go out and buy,borrow but dont steal unless its from some one you dont like.

A Stiff

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 25 September 2012
Rating:   5

I've loved all of Chris Boucher's Who story's & books & so I was really looking forward to this, a sequel to his best story Robot's of Death.
Perhaps that is the problem. Perhaps that's why I was so disappointed with this frankly dull book that never really gets going.
To many characters, not enough story.

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