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Andy Davidson at his best!

By:Jared Star, Portsmouth, United States
Date:Wednesday 27 October 2021
Rating:   9

What a great example as to why Andy Davidson is a phenomenal character!

This is a very strong story featuring my favorite and mostly-underrated character from the spin-off, "Torchwood." We get a great insight into what Andy's everyday life is like as a cop while also seeing that routine get interrupted by a menacing alien. I won't spoil anything about the story, but it is one great ride. We see a lot of development in the character and this story showcases his willingness to help people, despite wanting absolutely nothing to do with Torchwood. It is important to mention that this story takes place after "Miracle Day." You don't need to watch Miracle Day to understand the story (because I haven't seen it and I could still understand everything perfectly), but just know that the Torchwood team is broken up at this point.

Everything from Tom Price's narration, the music that plays, the sound design, and the actual words on the page are extremely solid. It's nothing that will completely blow you away, but man is this just a strong piece of science fiction. Nothing gets overdone and the characters are extremely likable!

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