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The future of TV

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 14 July 2012
Rating:   10

We all love reality TV don't we, this gives a great look at the future in a tongue in cheek way. The doctors new companion continues to stand out as a strong partner. Colin Baker as every is excellent.

Real good fun, with a touch of nastiness

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 25 May 2013
Rating:   9

The Fourth Wall has a title that doesn't sound like it'll mount up to anything that's good. But boy, this story is a wickedly good one. What if TV characters somehow broke out into the real world? how would they act or react to anything at all? Would they stick to a script or become something dangerous and more? If we include the future kind of technology then what hell might be let loose? Never has this kind of theme been explored quite as brilliantly as it is here in the Fourth Wall. This maybe has an echo of the Mind Robber along the way, but somehow this is a very different story. There is some real touches of horror though that really unsettle and prove to be a great offset to the comedy that runs throughout this one. And this story plows on absolutely riskly, and doesn't feel like its nearly two hours whatsoever. The characters in some places are totally tongue in cheek, especially the Porcians, who come over as ludicrous but intensely likeable characters. Colin Baker again leads absolutely brilliantly all the way through, and I love Lisa Greenwood. The only reason this story is not a complete ten for me is the lamentable lack of Lisa in part three and four!!!!!!! But her comeback at the end is really great. Im kind of hoping we hear more from the Porcians very soon in the future. They are so flaming funny. This is a great slice of Doctor Who in creative mode. John Dorney has well and truly hit his stride now, and Im looking forward to what he does next. A great writer. With some sparkling dialogue all through this witty, yet at the same time unsettling tale. A perfect mix that makes Doctor Who the brilliant show it is til this day.

Going Meta

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 4 February 2020
Rating:   7

The Fourth Wall is interesting, with many funny lines, and a heck of a lot of violence. Basically, a new hightech form of TV creates a "reality bubble" in which the story takes place. Within that bubble, events are "real," no matter how preposterously they have been scripted. New companion Flip gets unwittingly trapped in the bubble and Doctor 6 tries to get her out. There are some big surprise turns early in the story. I don't think that overall this one quite balances the humor with the killing, so that once the slaughter really begins, the humor often feels out of place or belittling. The Doctor also gets a little too preachy at the end. But, there are some cracking ideas and actors get great chances to go far over the top and at the same time make fun of that fact.

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