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Has to be said...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 7 May 2013
Rating:   10

Colin Baker is a great reader to listen to. Some times the people who've done these audio book readings have sounded profoundly bored or else otherwise have had the job of bringing a monster to life with their voice treated abysmally (Like poor late Liz Sladen in the Planet of the Spiders, with the childish spider voices that mars the whole reading, a little). But here Colin reads with sustained fervour and doesn't once sound bored in the slightest.

This book version by Eric Saward has to be applauded greatly. Though I don't see actually that much wrong with the TV version, the ending is greatly improved no end by Eric actually deaming to tell us what exactly it was that the Doctor throws at Mestor to finally end his life. And throughout the characters are all somewhat lavishly fleshed out, and very different in some cases to their screen originals.

One other impressive thing in the book version is that despite the Doctor's very rough regeneration, Eric involves the little scene where the Doc is thinking back to the guilt of past failings, recalling Adric as the foremost of his guilt. This shows us a Doctor that can actually still be greatly liked despite his bad crisis of renewal.

And the back story given to most of the other characters is also interesting and vividly differing from the TV version. All this though makes this a very very good novelisation, and ye, even I have to admit that this is better than the TV version.

But Colin makes it so with his easy to listen to narrating voice, and Mestor here is voiced somewhat more menacingly than on TV.

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