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Pretty awful restoration...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 20 January 2012
Rating:   7

I have to admit to being highly dissapointed by this release from the BBC overall, mainly because of the awful colour restoration to part One of Invasion of The Dinosaurs, its nothing like the excellent restore of part three of Planet of the Daleks, its all wonky, and faded and frankly very distracting. And the sound and visual aspects dont seem to have been so well restored either this time. I am annoyed at this as Invasion of the Dinosaurs has been one of my favourite stories, and this shoddy restoration is sad. The quality jars terribly with the final five parts. The story itself always was brilliant, despite the dinosaurs, but now here on this DVD the video version is almost preferable.

The Android invasion is far better in terms of restoration and quality. But watching it now I can see maybe just a few flaws in the plotting. Although the big how could the android attack Styggron after its been jammed surely is answered by the Doctor when he says he reprogrammed it, and possibly the reprogramming overrode the jamming too? So this isnt too much of a sore point with me. And Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen are frankly at their best here, and chilling as their android counterparts, its always unsettling to see heroes become villains if only for one story. Harry and Benton make a welcome one off comeback, the last for both of them. But the whole eye patch thing may be a little stupid and ill thought through, unless the Kraals brainwashing of Crayford made him never wanna wash that thing. (Mind you, i wouldnt want to look at an evil eyeless mess either!) So, only tiny minor quibbles, and the story on a whole is a great and creepy one. And the androids look brilliant. But just not the best set by far.

Dinosaur's ahoy !

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 18 September 2012
Rating:   9

I can't believe the other reviewer criticised the colour restoration of episode one. He is really showing his ignorance of what little the RT had to work on and what a magnificent job they have done. Mind you this is a guy who loves the twin dilemma & hates genesis of the Daleks...........
Anyway Invasion of the Dinosaurs is one of my favourite 3rd Doctor story's & here it ison DVD at last.
Yes, yes I know the Dinosaurs are rubbish but if you can get past that this is a really strong, intresting story with lots of great charachters. The star for me is Liz Sladen who is simply magnificent. UNIT really come to the for in thi story & this could be the best UNIT story of all.
The making of documentary People, Power & Puppetry is really detailed.
The Android Invasion is less intresting. It's not well served by a cliched Terry Nation script & poorly realised aliens. The story is full of plot holes & only Milton Johns comes out with any credit.
9/10 for Dinosaur's 6/10 for Androids.

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