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A Great Conclusion

By:Doug W, Colorado, United States
Date:Saturday 27 October 2012
Rating:   9

As you can see on the cover, The Oseidon Adventure brings back the Kraals, along with all of the great sound effects from The Android Invasion. Unfortunately, a Kraal Marshall in this story is just too stupid to be believable as a Kraal. This takes a bit away from the story, as does what the Master is doing here. The tone of the whole thing is just not quite right. But then, the story takes a different turn as we are shown what has actually been going on this whole time, and the tone of the story shifts to one that seems much more appropriate. It turns out that the Doctor's first meeting of the Master in the previous two-parter was not actually the Doctor's first meeting of the Master. I'll say no more than that about it. By the end of this story, when the real game is revealed, what appeared to be a weak two-part conclusion shapes up to become a much more interesting story, and one much more appropriate for the Beevers Master.

Couldnt have been any better

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 29 November 2012
Rating:   10

The Android Invasion was wacky andd weird enough, and so the sequel to it deserved to be to, and The Oseidon Adventure is every bit as fun, cool, and fast paced and brilliant as that original adventure. The mad plot is one that makes you smile but without laughing too uch, and Geoffery Beevers is on top form as the Master/Android replicants. He seems to really like this story and his performance livens the show up. The Kraals are shown to be bungling again, I love this portrayal of an alien race that more often than not are just a bunch of divs. And the ever assured polished performance of Michael Cochrane just makes this finale excellent and leaves me longing for the neext Tom Baker series of audio stories! Couldnt have ended the first series any better than this. Tom Baker is the Doctor once more, and its about time too!

A Good Try

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Thursday 16 April 2015
Rating:   7

This story wraps up the first series of 4th Doctor adventures. As usual, the production team tries to make it feel much bigger than it actually is. The truth is, it feels like a small cast, too small for what the story is intending. The story itself is a classic case of double-bluff. The Master has been working for the Kraals. Or has he? Is he really playing them for suckers to get something else? The script has typical Alan Barnes aspects, such as several impostors and some misplaced jokiness. The performances overall are good, though. Tom Baker has really come back strong. Louise Jameson is thoroughly convincing. And Geoffrey Beevers makes an excellent Master. The story clips along at a great pace. It is entertaining, if nothing else.

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