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Two oddballs....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 26 June 2012
Rating:   9

Dragonfire I have to say does suffer just a little for that incomprehensible ending to part one, which is a pity. But the rest of the story doesnt suffer. The rest of the story is a brilliant introduction for Sophie Aldred as Ace, who immediately grabs the attention with her brilliant performance. And Bonnie Langford always good and its sad to see her go, although, as with Tom Baker and Liz Sladen's farewell, their goodbye is maybe a little emotionally bare. But its not as bad as the hand of fear. Kane is a chillingly portayed villain. And Patricia Quinn as Belasz is one of those characters that should have been allowed to live just a little bit longer. So, this story is not bad at all. Just what is that part one ending about though...?

The Happiness Patrol is a brilliantly eccentric and different tale. The Kandy Man is a wacky creation and yet chilling at the same time. The Happiness Patrol are a brilliantly portrayed race of nasties. But I just love Leslie Dunlop, as Susan Q. I like her in Frontios but shes even better here. And again Sophie makes her presence felt very strongly indeed. And the undergroun pipe dwellers are great, and sad. The wrap up on this tale is very strong too, and the pace is again non stop and thoruoghly enjoyable in the highest order.

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