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By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 30 January 2013
Rating:   10

I cant help at smile at both the Second Doctor Lost Story releases so far, for many reasons. The first and foremost is that both stories, PRISON IN SPACE and THE ROSEMARINERS truly feel of the period they originally were envisaged for, and then for some stupid dumb unknown reason they both never came to be. And whats more special about this story in particular is that Donald Tosh actually wrote it all himself! Without any adaptor, so this makes this tale even more authentic.

And Donald has produced a great story. This could easily have slotted into season 6 without any problems at all. There's the mental alien idiot intent on the ruling of the universe, and Clive Wood has a well suited voice to put just the right amount of charm and menace into his performance as Rugosa. And as per usual one cannot overlook the as ever excellent David Warner as Biggs. The bouncing off that the Frazer Hines impersonated second Doctor (which as ever, is just spooky in its likeness to the great Pat Troughton Himself!) and Biggs is particularly noteworthy. But what I like the most about this adventure is Wendy's performance as Zoe. Here she amusingly leads everyone to believe that a security team is on the way, and this makes for some very comical scenes. But as usual, and as ever good for a Doctor Who story, there's a few gross moments thrown in when the huge man eating roses start getting into bloom.

I could imagine this having slotted in between the Seeds of Death and The Space Pirates. Maybe it isnt totally wholly original, but it is solid and definitely a worthwhile story to listen to for its pace is great and the plot is easy to follow unlike most of the lamentable new TV series....

Very Troughton Era

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 15 May 2017
Rating:   7

The Rosemariners was a story following the monster of the week formula for Troughton-era Who. This story has the 1960s feel throughout. The basic idea is that an alien space station has called on a human scientific research station for help. However, the alien leader is acting very suspiciously. The Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe arrive to meet the scientist who will be helping the aliens. Of course, the alien leader is not quite what he seems and has nefarious plans. Typical of stories at during this era of Doctor Who, the good guys are clearly good, the bad guys clearly bad, the science is seriously off track, and many events happen for convenience of the plot rather than for situational logic. David Warner is great, as always, playing the professor. Frazer Hines still does a marvelous Doctor 2. Nostalgia pervades the whole production.

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