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Very Poor Actually

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 25 September 2012
Rating:   3

I was expecting the return of Victoria to be in a story far more grand in scale and better in its telling. I wasnt expecting such a lacklustre effort for her to come back with. Honestly, this story just failed to hit the mark with me. All that truly saves it is Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant and Debbie's performance even with the rather bland stuff shes given to do. Nothing new is boasted here at all. Just some typical nutcase with a typical plan and typical hypnosis of a friend of the Doctor to turn on him, and its been done far far better. Even the new alien police force dont make the impact theyre almost certainly expected to make. Sorry, I just cant get worked up about this one. One of the seldom few mis fires for Big Finish. Gladly, it gets far better again with the next lost story. Deborah Watling definitely deserved far better than this. Its a missed oppurtunity indeed.

Beyond Nuclear

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 13 October 2015
Rating:   7

"Power Play" originally began as "Meltdown." The story got shelved when Doctor Who went on its first hiatus. The story itself involves multiple story lines that seemingly have little connection, but come together at the end. An interplanetary police force of two rather incompetent lizard aliens is after The Doctor. They manage to force the TARDIS to land near a nuclear power station, where some protesters are picketing a special project that produces high amounts of waste. Among the protesters is The Doctor's old friend Victoria. The project seems to be managed by a mysterious second in command, whose intention does not seem to be increasing Britain's power supply. The story is rather typical of the complicated multi-setting approach of the 1984-5 season. The soundtrack music is also highly reminiscent of this period. What brings the story down somewhat is the amount of it that is predictable. The Victoria and Doctor meeting scene has the expected "You're not my Doctor" bits. There are the hypnotized companions bits. There is a noble self-sacrifice by a secondary character. So, high marks for nostalgia and medium marks for originality.

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