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Not quite as original as all that....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 16 January 2012
Rating:   10

One recalls the story Singularity, with the aliens placing their minds in human forms while the human minds are left within carcasses, but if this missing story had have made it to the screen in the eighties, then yes, it certainly would have been something rather different for a change. And this story does have a lot going for it. It has a good alien race, strong and yet not overtly evil in anyway, and these sorts of characters always make for good drama. The Tardis crew are all on fine form, its always a such a treat to hear Janet back again in the TARDIS, unsettling the calmer Doctor and Nyssa routine. And this story also features the great actress Jacqueline Pearce, once again giving a classy performance as Queen Zafira. And this story isnt overly long either, which is also a plus, its a snappy, but highly engaging and intelligent tale which makes it yet another classy entry in the Lost Stories brilliant pantheon, Ive yet to hear a lost story I dont like....

Fairly Typical

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 21 July 2014
Rating:   7

"Hexagora" was originally an outline not picked up probably because the DW team in 1982-3 felt they could not do insects convincingly. The plot starts as your basic investigate alien abduction story. However, we move swiftly from Australia to another world never to return. The rest of the story is interesting enough. Elizabethan England seems to be transported to an alien world. Why? Time to investigate, but not before separating the companions. There seems to be a villainous plot to the abductions, but is it so villainous? And will the Doctor really be marrying the magnificent queen? The story is a curious mix of the predictable and the unexpected. It has a very 80s feel, with Nyssa being just a bit posh and Tegan being ever so emotional. The music soundtrack goes for that 80s feel as well, though it sounds more McCoy-era Keff McCulloch than Davison-era Peter Howell. All in all, this is an entertaining if not fully convincing story.

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