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A big buildup to quite a letdown....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 26 April 2012
Rating:   7

Upon the hearing of the first episode of this story, I was expecting this to be a great hammer horror esque style tale full old brilliant nasty terrors running around. The first episode was leading to something I thought would be one of the best seventh doctor audios to date. The focus on the characters and their fears was developing very well indeed, and I know Im weird but I love stories that leave the Doctor out for a while, so we get to know the other characters first, before the meddling time lord chap comes along in delightfully theatrically style. The first episode was a bit of a psychological fest.

Part two brought the doctor and his revelations along to the mix. And some of the scenes in this episode were brilliantly realised, scripted and portrayed by all the actors involved. Full of nasty occurances building up to a crescendo that should have been a lot better.

Parts three and four...well, I couldnt help but feel well let down by the rather all too simple military wrapping up of the tale. This is not exactly all that original and not all that entertaining either. We've done mind games to death in doctor who now, the mara tales did mind games so much better as well. This story just collapsed into a flaked out souffle towards the end. The acting was good all the way through, the if this was a cake then it rose and then someone opened the oven door prematurely. A real second half let down, otherwise this story could have been a classic. But as such, its only the first half that holds the attention in any lasting way. Its like two halves of different stories wedged together.

At least this doesnt happen with big finish as much as the new tv series though, that has to be said.

Suspense and mystery, to start with

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 14 July 2012
Rating:   8

A strong start which is full atmosphere and suspense giving us a compelling open. However as with many others the end is a little too easy, but still the strong cast make this a solid enjoyable episode.

Big Finish Recycles

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 12 August 2019
Rating:   6

House of Blue Fire is a bipolar story in a way. It starts as a spooky, haunted house story with heavy amounts of "nothing is real" thrown in. Parts 3 & 4, though, switch to a conventional Doctor vs. alien story. Both are old hat for Big Finish. There are just too many messing with the mind and plastic reality stories where the fact that nothing is real is the central core for this one to gain much novelty. It proceeds pretty much like all the others. Then, we get Doctor 7 vs. ancient menace from the dark times that feeds off fear, which, again, is old hat, tattered and used up.

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