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4 stories getting better and better

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 13 September 2011
Rating:   10

Starting with a king and a magic pen, this collection of story gets slowly better and better. the final is a strong clever story on a dying research station with a great twist.

Decent Collection

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Wednesday 4 May 2016
Rating:   7

Another in the anthology series of releases, Recorded Time and Other Stories has the usual characteristics of these things: varying quality of stories, a generalized theme, and a sort of wrap-up at the end. The first story, Recorded Time is the least effective. This one has the Doctor and Peri in the court of Henry VIII, who has been forcing a man to use time technology to write the future. There is a bit too much magic rather than science and Henry is just too bombastically egotistical. Better fare is served in Paradoxicide, an interesting twist on the Time Paradox story with a bunch of warrior women seeking a master weapon. A Most Excellent Match is a virtual reality story set in a virtual re-creation of Jane Austen's world. It is quite funny in places. The best of the stories is Question Marks, which has all its characters trapped in a building/ship on the brink of catastrophe. The trick is that no one can remember who they are. The generalized theme of the stories would be virtual reality, of things being imaginary rather than real, of the mind's role in shaping reality. Because no story is allowed to develop to full brilliance, the best I can say is that it is an entertaining listen on the whole.

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