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Not too bad for once

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 18 November 2011
Rating:   8

The first half of the season ended with the lamentably woeful A Good Man Goes To War, which was following in the now usual vein of a Doctor Who with a plot so complicated as to be unfathomable. But just for once, which was a surprise, part two of the series is far better than the first, there are still a few stupid moments but overall this is starting to get there at long last, and goodness knows its taken long enough.

Let's Kill Hitler appears with freshness and maybe not a mind blowing plot, but at least its a three times better episode than the one that came before, although my main gripe here is just what was the use of having such a historically infamous character in a story if all he's gonna do is act dumb and be locked in a cupboard for petes sake? I found that very very stupid in the extreme. However, the other elements of the episode are far stronger, such as the Anti bodies and those shape shifting robot things. ALthough I have to say I find Matt Smith excellent here, his acting lights the story up no end, and its good to see a Doctor beginning to have fun again, and then such a gripping last few moments.

Night Terrors returns to the better form of the likes of Boom Town, The Girl In The Fireplace and The Stolen Earth, in being brilliant for once. Those wooden dolls truly are absolutely creepsville. And to have a little kid turn out to be an alien for once is a good little plot string. And the transformations of characters into dolls is pretty yuck and disturbing actually, well done for once. Mark Gatiss returns to form here definitely, and this episode is one of the best of the series. Its frightening and bold, and directed well.

The Girl Who Waited is a highly original and different kind of story, and makes me like Karen Gillan a whole lot more. The only slight niggle i have here is for the unneeded and unwanted return of the oh its the doctor's fault all over again, really that vein has been done to death beyond any reasonable doubt. But the rest of the story, with the two Amys is highly engaging and Karen shines very bright indeed. Pity though that Matt Smith is banished to the TARDIS for nearly the whole lot of the story, but this is a good episode for highlighting the strength of Karen and her character, very good indeed in that respect. And I just love Arthur Darvill still, that comic yet amiable chap.

The God Complex in my book is very strong, and for once has a good and unpredictable twist towards the conclusion. And the Minotaur looks brilliant, although the Gorilla less so Im afraid, about the worse one Ive ever seen used in a TV programme. But thats the only niggle in this story, who impresses the most here is David Walliams, perfectly placed in the role of that ratty mousy thing. And the ending here to this episode is unexpected and sad all at the same time, this story can be likened to the classic series, for its mentioning of the Nimon is great for this classic series fan!

Closing Time is the comic gem of the series, although once again its slightly marred by the woeful underuse of the Cybermen themselves. I hate these new cyber stories for that factor, the BBC seem to think no one wants to see the Cybermen hardly ever at all. And I dont get that at all. The Cybermen need to be given more. But the Cybermet is riddling cool I can tell you! What great teeth, whilst in keeping strongly with original Tomb of The Cybermen design. And its a real nice touch to see Lynda Baron back again, in a comic and light relief role. But Craig and The Doc are the best here, and the baby scenes are funny and light hearted against the harder moments of this series. Not too bad a story at all, just wish there'd be more cybermen in it. When will the BBC get it?!

For once the series finale is understandable, and in fact is very good indeed this time. What with the return of the Silence and Madam Kavorian, who is as ever rather a mysterious and unexplained character still even now. And for once the timey wimey stuff isnt overdone, and its explained well all along for once. And the Doctor's escape is brilliantly done, although for once I did guess what he would have done to escape the moment of death. But sometimes a little predictability is good. The final scene of addressing at very long long last the question of the whole series Doctor Who? does actually whet the appetite for what is to come in the next season of Doctor Who. But what Id like is a multi doctor celebration story. Thats what Im hoping for. But for once this season end isnt bad at all.

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