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Absolutely cool release I cant wait for!

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 17 June 2011
Rating:   10

The Gunfighters has always suffered a lot of flack. And Im here to say that this is totally unwarranted. The Gunfighters for a start is the only western oriented programme ive ever liked. Here there is plenty of comedy, along with plenty of decent drama too though. The character of Doc Holliday is brilliantly over the top, and to see Lawrence Payne in his earliest Doctor Who role is great. Peter purves gives a great performance as Steven and yet for me it is the brilliant Jackie Lane who sparkles here. Her cocking the pistol at Holliday and then nearly fainting from the thought of having to really use it was a great scene for me. William Hartnell of course doesnt need much talk. He clearly relishes this story, and his performance is truly one of the strongest ever. He could have worked so well ina western film. He has all the right attributes. One of the most wrongly maligned tales in the whole of the series. Yeah, okay it might not be wholly true to actual events, but its a ripping great yarn that still pleases this 25 year old after all these years.

The Awakening is possibly the strongest two parter in the original series of Doctor Who, except for maybe Black Orchid. There is so much atmosphere packed into this two parter. The acting standard is very high indeed and the design of the Mauls is highly imaginative and convincing. And for once its actually not a failure in the fact that its only in one place for the whole of the story. Peter Davison is perhaps at his strongest and most confident, and Janet Fielding is always a star. Mark Strickson brings his yet again slightly meagre offering as Turlough still to brilliant life. The character of Will though is a spark of genius. And I would have wished for him to stay on as a regular! He was so funny and yet so well portrayed too. The beheading scene of the soldier, although not shown too graphically is still a shocking horrific moment, and makes this story all the darker and more impacting.

So just to lay it down for you all, Earth Story contains two very very strong stories indeed, One riveting and funny comedy, and one strong sci fi horror story. Very good stuff indeed.

Down to Earth

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 6 July 2011
Rating:   8

Hard to rate two different story's but here goes.
The Gunfighters has always got a lot of flack from fans, usually over the actors American accents, but to me they are (mostly) pretty good.
The sets are excellent and the story is enjoyable. William Hartnell is excellent and reveals his comic acting & this certainly Jackie Lane's finest hour. It's only spoilt by that bloody song !
The Awakening is an enjoyable romp. Lots of good location work & good costumes with a story that doesn't outstay it's welcome. The monster is the only let down. It never quite works. and why at the end is no one amazed, surprised shocked by being in the TARDIS ?
The best extra on either disc is The End Of The Line an excellent, in-depth look at the troubled third year of Doctor Who.

Callan's Doctor Who DVD Reviews #1

By:Callan Jones, Invercargill , New Zealand
Date:Monday 4 March 2013
Rating:   8

Hello there, Im new to this TardisLibrary site and thought I might review all the DVDS based on doctor who and might start book reviews in the future. Welcome to my reviews of Doctor Who DVDS. Today I will be reviewing.. Earth Story!

Earth Story is a fairly new set to me, as I got it two weeks ago. When I came home from school and seen the package sitting on the table I was so excited to open it! When I cut the top of the package off and glared inside to see what it was, I seen some Doctor Who DVDS! A boxset and a single DVD. I pulled out to see the boxset being Earth Story and the single dick being Timelash! (I will review Timelash in the future.)

Okay, enough of me talking about my feeling when I got it and Ill start reviewing the episodes! (WARNING: This review will be long as I will ramble and give spoilers. If you haven't seen these episodes and don't like spoilers and just want simple reviews, you might want to stop reading here.)

The Gunfighters- In my opinion this story is William Hartnell's best story. (Of what I've seen of him). I really liked this history story in the town of Tombstone. I personally thought that Episode 1 was the standout episode and made me want to watch more! I couldn't believe my eyes when I seen this and was surprised at how good they could actually make stories in the William Hartnell days. I wasn't as surprised as much as I was with 'The Tomb Of The Cybermen' but this is its runner-up. I recommend this story more than 'Genesis Of The Daleks' and I don't know why this gets a lot of hate, it's outrageous!

One of the only few bad points is the lady singing in the background all the time. Your ears get annoyed so much that you want to turn the sound off.

The best part is the Doctors toothache! I laughed wildly at the scenes of it. My favourite was the scene outside the dentist. Way better than any other JellyBaby scene from Tom Baker years.

Overall I rate 'The Gunfighters' 8.5/10

The Awakening- In my opinion 'The Awakening is not as good as 'The Gunfighters' but isn't far from it. Another history story based on earth, with a interesting plot twister to make you want to keep watching. Unfortunately, the is horrible and not scary and absolutely suck! You get confused and the ending is just rubbish. Usually the monster is the best part in stories, but in this it's the opposite. Part 1 was better than Part 2 by far.

Even though I have given 'The Awakening a pretty bad review does not mean I did not like the story. I would overall rate 'The Awakening' 7/10!

So yeah, Earth Story is a brilliant boxset and I recommend anyone with some spare money buy this set because it is awesome.

Thanks if you read this whole thing and I hope you read my next review, Callan Jones :)


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