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By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 6 September 2003
Rating:   6

This is a genuinely scary book about a village possessed by "something" for generations. There is not much new here, as the plot is a "Midwich Cuckoos" variation with some "Wicker Man" thrown in. But it is good fun. The authors have decided to go with the usual 7th Doctor characterization of a Time Lord on a mission that only he knows about.

Good old fashioned Horror Story...

By:the Traveller, the Hatch (every 108 minutes)
Date:Sunday 4 June 2006
Rating:   8

The Doctor is portayed very much as the dark manipulator of Season 26. Unfortunately, Ace and the Doctor are separated for a considerable amount of the book. However, the water poisoning idea is good, and Kenny as a little boy at the beginning and end was a nice idea.

Good, but not great.

By:Brian Smith, University Place, WA
Date:Monday 8 January 2007
Rating:   8

Excellent use of the Doctor and Ace. Nice continuity reference and good horror build-up.

Scarecrows Alive

By:Andrew M, Manchester England
Date:Thursday 15 November 2007
Rating:   10

Well what can I say a great read. A story set largely in a School and Village with Scarecrows as the monsters. Sound familiar? Did these guys get a credit?
The wild hunt what a concept excellent. Some of the drug stuff and Liverpool spoilt it a bit in my view but very enjoyable.

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