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Moffat's Merry Endeavour

By:Earle DL Foster, Invercargill, New Zealand
Date:Monday 31 January 2011
Rating:   8

A touching little festive romp with plenty of Dickensian alludement, intermingled with just enough stereotypical Moffat weirdness, combining to produce a semi-happy ending for all involved. A promising start for the Eleventh Doctor Christmas special concept, strikingly different from the usual "alien invasion" theme beforehand.

Oh no, this is all getting beyond stupid

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 9 March 2011
Rating:   3

Matt Smith deserves better than this, for he is really an excellent Doctor. If only the BBC would let Steven Moffatt take a break for a while for his storytelling has become so stale and uninspiring its totally boring now. This take on A Christmas Carol really is rather bland and BORING most of all. And like the series five finale, this story suffers from much to big a layer of impenetrable plotting. People try to be really clever but the end result is just baffling. The inclusion of an air swimming shark could have been done far better, as the shark here really is laughable. A Christmas Carol has been done to death in many different forms now, and this Doctor Who is definitely one of the weakest takes on the tale. Its totally lacking in originality. It has a Scrooge who isnt really convincing, and a heroine who is a little too he he to be believable. And Amy and Rory basically get nothing to do for the whole of the tale.

Matt Smith's acting is the only thing that saves this story at all. I lament for the poor fellow having to put up with silly tales like this. Half of his firsts eries was similarly affected by the things that make this story so bad. That back and forth TARDIS riding is plainly filler, and the kisses are all totally overdone, the word romantic is a world away from my mind here. Only The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang are worse than this story in the whole of Doctor Who history, truly a spectacular letdown. I dont think my interest in the modern series is going to last if they keep on churning out stuff like this. The classic series always was far more enjoyable, and possessed something this series has never had: CHARACTER.

This all feels so rushed and ill though out. Snore.

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