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very enjoyable.

By:C G Harwood, Dunedin, NZ, New Zealand
Date:Monday 20 February 2012
Rating:   8

I did enjoy these two stories. The first is the classic Dr Who plot of the Dr trying to stop a war between two side that should just sit down and have a cup of tea and a chat togehter, although the plot is good and it is enjoyable to read the bit where the dr is learning the "colour language" of the sea creature seems a little silly (why didn't the TARDIS translator thing not work?)
The 2nd story Raion of Terror was the better of the two stories. It has the wonderful plot of a swarm that is eating everything in its path, And two idiots that are trying to make a lot of money and trying to kill everybody else aswell. It could probably have been another 150 pages longer as I was really enjoying it. and It would have worked well of TV only the plot is very similar to Planet of the dead - only the diffrence is its little bugs instead of sting rays and its a train and not a London bus.
Even thoe this is aimed at younger readers give this a go - you wont regret it.

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