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Box of Delights

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 18 April 2011
Rating:   9

Box of Delights

Give me this any day of the week...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 2 May 2011
Rating:   10

Give me the unadulaterated, bad languageless, OMG minimal and plainly brilliant classic Doctor Who series any day. It always will triumph over the new series. The new series may well have brilliant effects and mind warping scripts, but thats just the problem. Theyre convuluted and very bad in the extreme. And one thing that continues to get on my nerves is how many people does that Time Lord have to kiss for goodness sake? Get back to the days when Doctor Who was innocent and just plain and simple fun. Where the universe could be in dire peril without all the innuendo and all that bland and repetitive rubbish. Matt Smith deserves far far better than what he's getting.

These revisited tales were brilliant anough first time round, but now full of even more extras its a real treat. I would have liked an overall look at the Ice Warriors involvement in Doctor Who, but only get The Seeds of Death adventure discussed in detail on The Lords of The Red Planet, which is the only dissapointment in the whole of the set. The Seeds of Death always was a brilliant Doctor Who story, and here for once their is real sympathy you feel for the characters, especially Fewsham. That is a real strong moral tone to the character. One can empathize a lot with the character along the way. Pat Troughton is as brilliant as ever too, which makes the whole programme one of the best in the shows history. Wobbly walls included! Its part of the appeal of the show too! Some fans dont seem to get that all that much. The cast on this serial all shine and none are just plastic characters. Real good stuff, a brilliant return for the Ice Warriors. Who are more sadistic and menacing here than in their first adventure.

Carnival Of Monsters possesses a highly imaginative script from Robert Holmes, which is well realised and directed By Barry Letts, and the Drashigs truly are a great looking monster, and they really do look pretty realistic too! The extras here are absolutely brilliant, the making of documentary is particularly good, with Katy Manning being her ludicrous and funny self as usual with that brilliant chicken impression! Jon Pertwee always was a brilliant Doctor, and here his morals are to the fore, with his disgust at what is happening to the beings trapped in the miniscope. Kalik is a deliciously evil and manipulative Who villain again, brought to liife by the ever dependable Michael Wisher. Vorg and Shirna are another in the line of brilliant Rob Holmes double acts. The guy is a far better writer than any of the new series guys in my opinion. Sad he is no longer with us. He had such imagination. Carnival of Monsters is one of the best Jon stories, it has it all. Oh yeah, even the first appearance of Ian Marter, who was later to become Harry Sullivan for just one pathetically short season!!!

Ressurection of The Daleks is a really gritty, grim dalek tale, perhaps the darkest of all the original dalek tales. And theres a liberal dose of death going around in the tale, its no wonder Tegan is truly repulsed by all shes seen in the end. She gets a very sharp, quick leaving scene, but here it is highly poignant and moving. Its one of the best leaving scenes in my opinion. Terry Molloy instantly grabs your attention as the lunatic Dalek Creator Davros, with his ranting just right and never too stupid. Rula Lenska isnt all that bad either, and all the other characters just make the show sparkle. The Daleks are also very well utilised, although one can tell that dalek falling out of the window is just a model, but as ive already said i dont care much about weak effects, if the story can still carry itself off well, which Ressurection does very well indeed. The Dalek troopers are decidedly evil and blank and emotionless too, and Maurice Coulbourne is great in his first appearance as Lytton. Peter Davison is also brilliant when it comes to his showdown with Davros, well scripted and presented. We just knew the most human of doctors would never just murder without reason.

So these are three standout stories, and all have been remixed and represented well in this new set. The BBC so far have chosen well with their revisitation sets. Im looking forward to the next one. (Just not getting any of the new series, its lost all character and hope in my view now)

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