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Decent Enough

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 12 August 2019
Rating:   6

The final story for Brewster and Evelyn with Doctor 6. In the latter case, we don't get the kind of closure we would like, the actual story of Evelyn leaving The Doctor. Maggie Stables' death meant that it could not happen. This does feel like the end for Brewster, though. Doctor 6 is fed up with Brewster, but still has some heart, so takes him to industrial Lancashire in the 19th century, where he might fit in and make a new start for himself. Of course, it cannot be left at that. Some strange things are happening in this copper mine. Machines are making themselves and making grotesque machine/human hybrids. All in all, this is a fairly standard Doctor Who story.

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