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Treading Old Ground

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 22 April 2017
Rating:   7

The Big Finish people really like Thomas Brewster. I'm not sure why. I don't find him all that interesting a character. Nevertheless, here we go. To continue the Big Finish nostalgia piece, we get the return of DI Menzies. To add some complication to the story, Menzies has already met The Doctor, but he has not yet met her. The story starts in medias res with The Doctor and Evelyn being menaced by some giant robot insects shooting lasers from their noses. The Doctor is mistaken for some person calling himself "The Doctor" and running a crime gang of pensioners and teachers. The story hinges on Brewster's doing what he has done before, which is try to be The Doctor. He assumes The Doctor's name, his clothing affectations, and tries to save an alien world by using time technology. Of course, he is pretty much a failure at this because his means are not The Doctor's means. The story has some entertaining parts, such as David Troughton's turn as the gangster boss Gallagher, and DI Menzies' snappy sarcasm. The story itself is rather routine and overplays the nostalgia factor.

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