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Back when Doctor Who had morals.....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 31 March 2011
Rating:   10

The new series has become a hive of dischord and total incompehensin. The Doctor is no longer really that heroic or interesting, and his moral standards seem to be slipping.
I am just grateful for the classic series. Back when Doctor Who had major points to make with intelligent and moral points. I am a person who loves and has a high regard for moral points.
Doctor Who always used to have character, the cheapness of it was part of its appeal for me.

The Mutants is a highly interesting tale. And the mutants are an excellent design, they do actually for once look like they could be real. And the moral core to this tale cannot be denied.
The Marshall is another great over the top villain, and the natives are all real and actually have a lot of character for once. The pace is never strained, even if some of the visual effects are not quite that good. But ive never cared about effects. Its the story I look at the most.
The transformation of Ky though is excellently achieved, and his angel like appearance is very striking.
The location filming is highly atmosheric. And Rick James acting is far better than many seem to think. The Mutants is an excellent piece of drama. The Jon Pertwee stories had many of the strongest moral points, and this tale of planetary and population abuse is gripping and one of the finest stories of its season.

Stretching Point

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 6 July 2011
Rating:   7

The Mutants is a good example of a good four pointer stretched over six episodes.
The reflection of the social and political points of the time (racism, colonialism etc) get a bit lost in the (to obvious) padding out of the story.
Still Jon Pertwee , as ever, is excellent & Garrick Hagon who plays Ky is excellent.
While the story never gets as dull or silly as The Time Monster, I did find my mind wondering at times
The DVD extras are excellent. Mad Mutt is a comprehensive look at the making of the story & Race Against Time is one of the best, and most interesting DVD documentaries ever produced. It looks at the representation of non-white actors in classic Dr Who. As someone who grew up, and of course watched a lot of TV in the 60's & 70's it is thoroughly thought provoking and, for me, put TV of those eras in a whole new light. The end of the this feature, which features alternative black Doctors is superb

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