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Far more enjoyable than any new series!

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 31 March 2011
Rating:   9

Meglos as always seemed to be given the mantle of one of the worst Dotor Who stories ever. And yet yet again this is total rubbish. This story alone offers, for me anyway, far more interesting points than any story of Matt Smith's run. Tom Baker may look pretty ill here, especially in the scenes set in the TARDIS, but he still is that same brilliant Doctor who thwarts evil plans of aliens without all the kissy huggy stupid moronic stuff of the new series and without the the mind warping stupid plots either. I love the days when Doctor Who was a innocent programme, I lament the new series of Doctor Who, for it is too expensive, and now the character of the Doctor seems to have gone from universal hero to honestly universal weirdo. Where have all the plain and simple adventures gone?

Meglos presents an interesting religious dispute on an alien world, murderous plants, evil cactus and comical space mrcenaries. The Gaztaks ll make me laugh, and yet the story ploughs along at a good pace and the plot isnt mind melting either. The acting is solid and theres a really strong comedy edge to the scripting. And it is special in that we get to see the wonderful Jac Hill back in a new role as Lexa, who is just as good as her old companion of Barbara. She was a wonderful actress. The sets may not be hugely expensive, but that is good. These were the days when mone was tight, and yet more often than not the BBC presented something special with a lot of character. Tom Baker's Meglos is terrifically done too, and the mke up is not at all bad. Yeah, this classic series had so much going for it, a shame its all gone down the loo with this new modern series overall. Meglos is a better buy than any of the new series stuff.

A Prickly Story

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 6 July 2011
Rating:   7

An interesting, if not entirely successful story in which the Doctor, Romana & K9 locked in a triangle with the Savants, The Deons & the not very subtle Tigellans. The good things are the return of Jacqueline Hill. What a great actress she was, Tom Baker in a duel role, the cactus make up & the production.It's let down by a thin, uninteresting story with a poor ending. To say, as the other reviewer did that this is better than anything from the Matt Smith era, is of course ludicrous.
The extras are very goo. The meeting of the two writers is very interesting & the DVD itself is worth buying just for the wonderfully moving tribute to Jacqueline Hill featuring her husband, colleagues & friend's. A wonderful tribute to a wonderful person & actress.

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