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Thank you Big Finish..

By:Matt Saunders, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 22 January 2013
Rating:   9

Once again, Big Finish have managed to give us another great set of audios. This time, they are a little poignant too, because like the recent Last Post, here is a companions last audio, and thus the last time we can enjoy the character of the Brig in this way. The audio box set was released after Courtney had passed away.

The Three Companions is split into three individual stories with a linking story in between - a very clever way to have a Companion Chronicle. The story also initially served as a promotional tool and you can see why. First, because it utilises an interesting method: i.e. emails to each other; and second because Polly, the Brig and Brewster are a really good mix.

The other two audios are really good too, and were offered as freebies beforehand. These two extras really make this "The Specials" set top notch.

I highly recommend this audio set - not just because it's the Brigadier's last one, but also because Polly; Jo; Turlough and Thomas Brewster are all really excellent companions.

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