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Better than Triffids by far....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 2 November 2010
Rating:   10

This tale is one that has stood the test of time very well indeed.

It is packed with some of the most intensely gruesome scenes of the whole original series of Doctor Who. We have a lumbering vegetable, a psychotic botanist, a sick henchman, great looking seed pods...and that churning compost machine is always a menacing presence throughout the tale.

What also shines in this tale is the acting. Everyone is on top form, giving the script as good as they get. Even Elisabeth Sladen seems to get the backbone she had during her Jon Pertwee stories once more. Which is excellent. She was rather lost in most of the Tom Baker tales, but certainly not here.

John Challis and Tony Beckley in particular are brilliantly over the top and wonderfully psychotic. Its no wonder Tom's Doctor here is perhaps at his most fiercely protective of his friend. And his violent streak isnt unfounded either. This story shows how much his friendship with Sarah means to him, so it really makes it all the more odd that his goodbye to Sarah in a few stories time is so unemotional, when here he is smashing through roofs, knocking out hitmen, almost neck breaking all for Sarah. Very strong charecterisation between the two main stars of the programme here. Robert Banks Stewart is an excellent writer. (Especially considering he says he was never really a sci fi writer!)

And another character I really like here is Amelia Ducat. Shes one of those intensely likeable one off characters that deserved to come back again and again! Even UNIT come back pretty well at the end. One can even forgive the totally odd final scene. (The Tardis never went to the antartic, so why does Sarah say the Doc forget to switch off the coordinate programmer?)

The transformation of human to Krynoid too here really is freaky. The creature looks incredibly realistic, even if it is an Axon painted green. This story is one that really prooves how Doctor Who excelled at producing great stories on pittance. Definitely a classic!

Green fingers...?

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 27 December 2010
Rating:   10

'The Seeds of Doom' is one of Doctor Who's best, and a great end to the super 13th season. The story is intricate and well thought-out, and retains pace, mainly due to the switch in location from Antarctica to England in Part 3.
The characters are wonderfully portrayed and are all unique, especially Amelia Ducat and Harrison Chase (the latter a very good villain).
Extras on the 2nd disc are good as well. Highly recommended

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