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Conventional Sci Fic

By:Kate Humble, Swansea
Date:Monday 3 January 2011
Rating:   1

I bought this book believing that the author maybe a reporter or constructive writer of media in some way, it appears not. The book appears to be a mish mash of 13 years of attending ticketed conventions or events to pay to enter, with pictures taken with the 'famous' people and the encounters written down. I was disappointed not to find out more about the people themselves other than what I can find out for myself on GOOGLE.
The writing its self, is more akin to teenager writing for a school magazine, I was disappointed by the lack of depth of the author.
I can see why this was a vanity published book!
I hope this review doesn't get deleted and that free speech can be given as I think others should read this before parting with their money.

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