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By:Jerry Lewandowski, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Date:Sunday 4 January 2004
Rating:   7

After a very slow beginning, like half of the book, I was surprised at the turns the book took. I am glad that they finally tied in the Doctor's past and things that he's been supressing this long. It was also a relief to see other "time Lords" finally re-emerge. Now, let's please finally see the end of Sabbath. Story arc over, time to move on.


By:John Ellison, Atlanta, USA
Date:Saturday 17 January 2004
Rating:   4

It pains me to say that this may be the "dullest" installment I have read since "Cold Heart". I agree with my counterpart above that the first half of the book was incredibly slow.

I found myself tempted to count the Doctor's actual page time to determine if the book could even be considered a "Doctor" novel. I love Fitz and Anji (and am sure Trix may yet grow on me) but I hate the formula some author's seem to use where the three are split up and used as devices for telling three seperate subplots. The Doctor should have learned by now, even minus his memory, that everyone should stay together! Fitz, the poor boy, should have at least had it beaten into him!

I agree the bright point in the novel is when we finally get a glimer of hope that there are still a few "elementals" who survived the destruction of Gallifrey. Now if only Sam Beckett could leap in and put right what once went wrong...

In the end, the book put me to sleep on more than one occassion and as an Anji fan--while the "departure" was given adequate page time--I found myself saying, "that's it?"

Read for I wrong?


By:Not Given, NSW, Australia
Date:Saturday 27 March 2004
Rating:   10

'Timeless' is one of the best books I've ever read in ages. Even though it is grizzly in parts it was good to see the Time Lords that survived.

I partly bought the book cause I'm, like a couple of others, an Anji fan (revolutionist alert!), and when I saw that she goes I decided to buy it. All of the concepts are great, and about time they tied up the alternative universe arc (when would it stop?

But does anyone know that it ties in greatly with the new book by Justin Richards that ends the Sabbath arc: SOMETIME NEVER... (published Jan 5, 2004)

I won't give it away but it has to do with diamonds, and that nasty old loony Kalicum. I've got Richards'book but I haven't finished it. But TIMELESS is GREAT!

If this busted anyone else's boiler, get Justin Richards' book. Both are perfect Doctor Who books I find...

Back to basics...

By:Joe Ford, Eastbourne
Date:Friday 19 November 2004
Rating:   9

This is the best Doctor Who book since Time Zero. Stephen Cole is emerging as a much better writer than he was editor and has fixed many of the problems I had with his other books. Here is a character driven novel and one that manages to take the recent alternative universe arc and chuck it in the rubbish bin (thank goodness!) and start to tie together the eighth Doctor books into a coherent whole after they have appeared to be making everything up all along!

Anji is given a worthy departure and an almost romance with Guy that works if you know her backstory. Trix is now a fully fledged member of the TARDIS team and gets to marry Fitz in some good character building scenes.

But it is the Doctor who shines here, managing to swing from breathless hero to violent monster. Here is the unpredictable beast Justin Richards intended to create, tortuing a man by pulling out his few remaining hairs and kicking a violent sadist in the ribs just because he hates him. And yet he also takes on Sabbath and Kalicum with heroic vigour, trying to stop whatever evil plan they have for the begining of the universe.

Loaded full of treasurable scenes and excellent character closure for the huge cast, Timeless reminds us of the potential of the EDAs of a sort we haven't seen for a year or so.

Good and bad

By:The Voter from Vortos, Vortos, Nebula Galaxy
Date:Sunday 10 April 2005
Rating:   5

This is a book with good ideas but it lacks from the setting and the overall storyline. The storyline is tedious. The storyline demanded far richer locations (ie, spacestations, rockets, alien worlds, etc.) rather than a couple of streets and buildings in London.

The ideas are vast and fantastic, and things that you don't notice in the beginning of the book play important roles throughout the story, leading you to marvel at how well the continuity was thought out. However, the ideas are too much, as they make you forget about the storyline and trap you in their magical world.

"Timeless" is a book worth reading, but is not worth 15 to 25 Australian dollars demanded.

Dead confusing

By:Connor, England, London
Date:Wednesday 22 June 2005
Rating:   5

This was definetly the most confusing and fustraing book i have ever read in my life (apart from The last resort). The way it was written was way beyond me. I was sad to see Anji go in the end. Is it true that Trix phoned Anji up in the Deadstone memorial.

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