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The Center Cannot Hold...

By:John Ellison, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Date:Monday 30 June 2003
Rating:   8

I found this to be another solid adventure for the eighth Doctor and his companions...I loved the book by page 40. Perhaps because this book, more than any other to date, has made me feel as if I could hear the knelling of a cloister bell!

I get the sense that reality IS really collapsing...that maybe the destruction of the timelords was a terrible price that the universe may now have to pay...that things may finally be coming to a head in this story arc...that maybe someday the Doctor will remember his actions and finally have to deal with wouldn't that be interesting to explore?

I also found a little more acceptance for Sabbath (who has just never "sat" right with me) during this story.

If you are a fan of Greg Egan's early works then you will probably find this latest Who offering to your tastes. Also, some of the themes presented in the Virgin Novel BLOOD HARVEST are present here--primarily where is the energy to support these alternate realities coming from?

Ultimately, the question seems to be continuity or discontinuity--an arguement that has raged since Lawrence Miles killed the third Doctor on Dust rather than Metabelious 3. Will we have canon or canon fodder? At least this story suggests an answer is looming.

Is there a Doctor in the House?

By:Jerry Lewandowski, Las Vegas, NV
Date:Tuesday 9 December 2003
Rating:   5

I seriously need a cure for a headache after reading Last Resort. With all the different jumps back and forth to different realities, it is very hard to keep track of what is going on. And then when I thought I had a grasp on things, some other reality showed up, confusing things again.

As far as Sabbath, enough already! Yes, he proved pivotal in this story, but the explanation as to why seemed very lacking. Everyone just seemed to accept it and moved on without knowing why he was the only one who didn't duplicate. Since when is because I said so acceptable?

Also, who is this stow-away in the TARDIS? this is the first time we've heard of her. Where did she come from? What story did she stow away in?

All these questions with no answers? Any light at the end of the tunnel and a new cohesive story arc?

Where's my aspirin?

Get a brain!

By:Joe Ford, Eastbourne
Date:Friday 19 November 2004
Rating:   8

The Last Resort is possibly the most underatted Doctor Who book I have ever read. It isn't perfect but it certainly doesn't deserve the bile that has been directed at it. As far as I can see lots of people have been left totally confused by the book, I problem I cannot empathise with because it made perfect sense to me, the puzzle-like nature of the book easy to figure out if you just take the time to link it all together.

What's more it manages to capture the screwed up nature of the multiverse much more effectively than any of the previous three books together, featuring a number of impressive scenes where reality shifts gears almost invisibly.

It is much more a standalone book than the others in the alternative universe arc. Fitz and Anji getting more attention than the Doctor and confidently taking centre stage.

I adored the complex climax featuring the thousands of Doctor's, Fitz's and Anji's and found Trix's emerging presence intruiging.

Maybe the prose a little simple and some of the characters are underdeveloped thanks to the nightmarish plot but it remains a superior SF novel that dares to be something truly different.


By:the Traveller, Egypt (ancient)
Date:Thursday 17 August 2006
Rating:   6

Yes, it made about as much sense as the above. But some good bits. The Doctor's not in it till about page 150.

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