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District 9 meets Dr Who

By:writingbluebear, jersey
Date:Wednesday 22 September 2010
Rating:   9

Destiny nicely comes full circle with Hex and the long standing sub plot of "whose my mummy". At first the alien plague takes centre stage with the forge lurging but quickly flips and brings together the Project series and latest 7th doctor's run in an exciting, twisting and turning story. A great story that finishes with many questions and leaving you hungry for more.

A Logical Ending

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Thursday 27 December 2012
Rating:   7

Written as the wrap-up of the Forge series, "Project: Destiny" is mainly about tying up multiple loose ends. As such, it does not work fully well as a standalone story. To get the full benefit, one needs to know the other stories before it. The Forge, or C4 as it is now known, has become legitimate, and Abberton has now traded in his polycarbide armor for a Savile Row suit, as the Doctor says. But while the Forge may be legit, Abberton probably isn't. The new concern is an alien virus that converts people into insects. Some have noted that this idea imitates "District 9," but there are also hints at a "Seeds of Death" connection. Since this is a 7th Doctor & Ace story, things must get very emotional, so to provide emotion-food there is the big reveal to Hex about his mother. Like prior Forge stories and Scott/Wright Big Finish scripts, the writing here is brisk if not terribly original. To their credit, Scott and Wright do not attempt to hide the borrowings. Though this is billed as the end of the Forge series, Scott and Wright do leave just a little opening for more.

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