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Britannia Rules Eternal!

By:John Ellison, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Date:Tuesday 18 February 2003
Rating:   9

In keeping with most of my other favorite titles in the series, this one builds itself solidly on a character driven plot line. Also, Fitz, Anji and the Doctor are never set aside to follow 30 pages worth of exposition about some secondary character. I get the idea Bishop actually wanted to write a story about the Doctor and his companions--and he does just that.

The story is perhaps a little contrived near the end (although I followed Bishop's ideas) and this is all that prevents it from being a 10 in my opinion.

I was particularly pleased by the fact that each of the three characters at some point remembers events that have occurred over the course of the series (its been a long time since Fitz thought of his mother). Continuity is not everything in telling a good Who story but it is appreciated on occasion! Plus I enjoyed Dee. I am convinced I know her from somewhere...

Not the greatest story ever told, but definitely among the best.

Grim but good...

By:Gail Carey, Britain
Date:Thursday 27 February 2003
Rating:   7

I think that this must be the most depressing and down-beat Dr. Who book that I have read in a long time...that doesn't mean that it's a bad book though. I'm quite enjoying this Dr. Who does "Sliders" story-arc and this book provides a well rounded alternate earth for the reader and the TARDIS crew to explore.

Usually it's the Doctor who gets beaten to a bloodied pulp in the EDA's, but in The Domino Effect the author has cut him some slack and it's Fitz who takes a beating this time.

My one problem with this book was the ending which, like Time Zero before it, tried to sum up and explain what had been going on in a great rush. Do you remember those American cop shows of the 1970's where, at the end, someone would say: "But there's just one thing I don't understand..." and the cop would have to explain the entire plot to the dummy. Well, if this book was a 70's cop show, the cop would be trying to explain things over the end credits with the theme tune drowning him out.

Just OK

By:Jerry Lewandowski, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Date:Friday 1 August 2003
Rating:   7

well, just when I thought it was safe to assume Sabbath was history, he shows his ugly face again. Atleast we didn't have to put up with him throughout the whole book. Can we just put it to rest? Yes, he has been responsible for all the events that have created the current story arc, but he doesn't have to make an appearance in every single book.

it was good to see the struggle btwn the doctor and anji, as well as seeing a different, weaker side of fitz. we need more stories that are driven by the main characters.

the only other drawback besides sabbath was the story dragged out. the whole story could've been started at about the halfway point and the outcome still would've been the same.

I just can't wait till the doctor finds an alternate reality in which gallifrey wasn't destroyed. could prove beneficial to his memory loss and get things back the way they should be.

What Series Is This?!

By:Piers, Lancashire
Date:Tuesday 25 January 2005
Rating:   7

As someone else has said, the premise of this book feels like it could be an episode of Sliders: What if outcomes of the past were different in shaping the present we now live in? Although this was established in the previous novel, this is the first time we have spent any time on Earth under these conditions.

My main gripe with the story is how stupid Anji appeared in the opening few chapters: she knew from the last couple of stories that they were unlikely to be on 'her' Earth, yet when she encounters such hostile racism she fails to put two and two together for too long. It may have made a dramatic point to the story, but it wasn't very realistic.

Besides that, the Earth that we encounter is very interesting, and this is a good 'What If?'. All the character revealations at the end seem a bit over the top, and The Oracle may be a straight steal of The Annoited One from Buffy, but we'll let those slide...


By:Hatman, Bixstead
Date:Wednesday 26 July 2006
Rating:   5

part one. was good until the end, where things got a bit rushed. ends on a cliffhanger. borrows too much from the matrix.

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