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For many reasons....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 18 July 2010
Rating:   10

Patrick Troughton has always been my favourite man in the role of the Doctor. It is his childlike entusiasm and wonderful comic timing that make him shine.

They say that The Dominators is one of the very worst examples of Doctor Who in Pat's time. But I would not agree with this statement in any way at all.

There is so I enjoy about this underrated story. The first is plot. Unlike quite a few Doctor Whos it is not overly complicated, and unfolds at an acceptable and followable rate.

The action scenes are well done, as are the explosions. The typical high standard of recording from the BBC.

And in this story for me the characters are all likeable and well defined. There is no deeper than deep something or other lurking in the wings to spoil the flow of everything.

The Quarks too are quite a lovely design. Some may say they are childish and rediculous, but I just find them pretty camp and amusing. Its no wonder they were so popular in the magazines of Doctor Who for so long.

And Ronald Allen and Geoffery Ives are excellent as the two squabbling and officious Dominators. Good to see a bit of depth to a villian and some in fighting. Quite a few aliens in Doctor who are all just single minded. But here not so.

And theres even the appearance by Brian Cant. Now with all these elements the story sint bad at all. So, the skirts the blokes are all wearing may not be very flattering to the male physique, but everyone just gets on with it and the story is better for it.

This story sums up all i love about the series. Good plot, decent dialogue, and good acting by all those involved. Let me say id rate this story over Pyramids Of Mars and The Brain of Morbius at any rate.

Thanks for doing this story all you guys back then in 1968!!! Its appreciated.

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