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By:John Ellison, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Date:Sunday 2 February 2003
Rating:   5

Careful what you wish for, you just might get it. I have on occassion found myself wishing for a return to the "classic" Doctor Who stories and this novel delivers just that. Sadly, it never seems to stray from the "formulaic" into new teritory. At times the book even calls attention to its stereotyping when the characters point out specific examples.
This one left me wanting after the last several have seemed so very strong. I am also getting a little bored with Sabbath--he is no substitute for the Master and the teaser about his "masters" is just getting pushed a little too far. How about some revelations now?
This was a poor start for what is supposedly a new arch in the series. Never the less, I will aptly await the next novel!


By:Jerry Lewandowski, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Date:Thursday 31 July 2003
Rating:   5

well, can we say reminiscent of Enlightenment? This book reminded me too much of that story although it doesn't take place in space, but on a water world. And I have to agree that it was a poor beginning to a new story arc.

Also, enough of Sabbath!! Things are getting out of hand with him and his plan to destroy history. Let's work on getting the Doctor his memories back. Maybe it's also time to either bring in a new companion or replace the existing crew. Anji and Fitz work well together, but they are being drawn out way too long for my liking. We need fresh blood!

Bit Of A Mess

By:Piers, Lancashire, UK
Date:Thursday 30 September 2004
Rating:   5

After the heavy going of some of the recent novels, I was glad this was going to be more of a lightweight story. This novel is easy to read, but my main problem with it was it's narrative style. The majority of the story is portrayed from the viewpoints of the various characters, and this style just gets tedious. At some points you will be wondering 'which character am I now?'. This is a shame because underneath the annoying writing is quite a good story. The Warlocks and their planet Demigest are great creations, as are the natives of Selonart. Another let-down is that various plot points that are raised are never really resolved: why is there a sea-monster in the ocean; who really built the city and for what purpose? These things are alluded to but never given a satisfactory conclusion.

There is also an annoying glitch with the continuity of this range: in the last novel Anji had discovered that the TARDIS was her true home, but here she is wanting to return to Earth again. No apparent reason is given for this change of heart. Although it was nice to encounter the apes again, we are still none the wiser as to why Sabbath uses them. And where was the Angel-Maker? I hope she crops up again soon.

This book is OK in its own right, but adds little to the on-going arc.

The ultimate sin...

By:Joe Ford, Eastbourne
Date:Monday 22 November 2004
Rating:   5

The only thing Doctor Who cannot survive is being boring. The Infinity Race struggles to be funny and scary and silly and clever and ends up being none, just a little mundane. Simon Messingham switches narratives in an annoying fashion, jumping from first to third with jarring unpredictability.

The scenes from Anji's POV are quite fun, especially her hilarious commentary on Fitz's action hero moments. But when that is the best part of the novel, you have problems.

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