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You will come to know

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 24 September 2011
Rating:   9

Somehow this all comes together to form a great enjoyable story with some clever twists. Ace seems to take a back seat and the new companion comes to the front, pleasingly as she is actually puzzled and amazed about the future. Almost two stories linked together both on their own enjoyable but put together make a clever plot.

One loves Ace and Raine

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 16 January 2012
Rating:   10

This is a great follow on to Crime of the Century, and this has a really good and different twist to the tale later on that is very well done indeed, and those aliens certainly had me fooled, so its good to occasionally still find a story that can surprise you. And Beth Chalmers is the greatest choice for Raine Creevy, what a brilliant character she already is, firmly cementing her place as one of my favourites already. And one doesnt need to mention the ever dependable Sophie, who as always jumps into the character of Ace, who bounces off Raine brilliantly. These two gals are a double act that work. And one doesnt need to mention Sylvester McCoy either, always he gives his brilliant portrayal of the most mysterious of all Doctors. Great when one finds stories that have finally seen the light day, especially when they are as brilliant as Animal. And who can forget to mention Angela Bruce? Back at long last as Bambera, that great character from the brilliant Battlefield! This is a great reunion story, full to the brim with good idiots and good twists and turns along the way.

Goes Nowhere

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 18 August 2014
Rating:   6

First, Angela Bruce is awesome. The rest of the production just did not grab me. It has many of the elements of Cartmell's period as script editor. We have the Doctor on a mission of some kind, one that he lets no one in on, including himself. There is some plot - counterplot happening. Much of the background is missing. For instance, how does the health food lunatic know about the aliens to contact them? We are just to take it that he does, and no more is said about it. The killer plants are stuck in as a kind of ruse, with the beginning of the story seemingly all about them, yet they get dropped pretty quickly only to be brought back in because, apparently, it was convenient for the plot. The sergeant who assists Brigadier Bambera is there just to be stupid. That said, there are some pleasant bits. The aliens are interestingly different. We get to learn more about Raine. It has some snappy dialogue. It just did not pull together for me.

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