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Tut tut tut

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 21 May 2011
Rating:   10

Woe on the BBC for cancelling Doctor Who all those years back in 1989. Sylvester's Doctor was truly bringing the mystery back to the character, and Sophie was one of the best companions in the Who universe. They had just begun to gel so very well indeed that they truly were a double act. And then the BBC go and flipping well cancel the series so these four Sylvester stories to come in the lost stories range were never done on screen. What an offence if this first story is anything to go by.

Sylvester McCoy eases back into the mantel of the slightly manipulative, but still highly moral Seventh Doctor. And here the Doctor and Ace's relationship is at last put through quite a hard ringer. With Ace pushed to the limit and coming to notice that maybe she cant truly trust the Doctor at all anymore really. But the fact that she comes round in the climax to the tale is still believable. As she knows he wouldnt hurt her deliberately. The tension between the two characters is palpable though. And then add to that potent mix a story that has plenty going on aside of this and you have yet another brilliant lost story.

The Ice Warriors here are studied in great detail too, and at last we have a little squabble amoungst warriors and Hhesh is destroyed by the Sezhyr. Nick Briggs brings the martians to vivid life once again, and Marc's script gives the warriors something different to do rather than just trying to take over a planet. The characters here are all so likeable too, wether it be the aloof Creevy, played with great inflection by Ricky Groves, or the brilliant Beth Chalmers as Raina. The sidestory with her daughter is very very well written and thought out, and one cant wait to see what happens in the next story when the Doctor meets the grown up Raine Creevy!

And yet again we have those pompous, snotty, unlikeable time lords again, here in the form of the mysterious adjudicator. A right ponce of a mush who seems to have no scruples at all like most of that race. A real good new and interesting character that adds to the already potent spice of this story. This is yet another fine lost story, and plaudits go to all involved for making all come alive so well.

Making up for the 80s

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 30 June 2011
Rating:   8

The 7th Doctor, was slowly killed on TV and I was very worried that taking us back to this TV Doctor would be aweful. Whilst some lines are a little bad, and I can see the low budget bikers driving around in large helmets, Thin Ice it still a good story.

The Ice Warriors seem to be popping up all over the place, but this feels like a strong story. Ace whilst still wanting to blow things up is given a chance to develop and stand on her own. But most of all it has a great car chace.

Very Much of the Period

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 26 October 2015
Rating:   7

"Thin Ice" is the first of what would have been the 1990 series. It has the same general tone and feel of the 1989 series, with The Doctor and Ace on a mission that coincides with some plan that The Doctor has for Ace. Now we find out that The Doctor wants to make Ace a Time Lord, though not why he would want this. The usual trust issues erupt between Ace and the Doctor. The story itself is basically a heist/cold war spy story set in the Soviet Union 1967. It involves the Ice Warriors, who get a better role than many of the old time aliens get. The story moves along nicely, but has a few too many plot holes.

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