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Timely Memorabilia

By:Earle DL Foster, Invercargill, New Zealand
Date:Friday 4 February 2011
Rating:   9

This book certainly pays homage to the recently seen fifth BBC season, and the Eleventh Doctor's subsequent introduction into the time space fray.

But it also explores partially mentioned (but never properly elaborated) aspects of the series, a prime example being past encounters by a certain portly British Prime Minister with former incarnations of the Doctor leading up to the climactic "Victory of the Daleks". One can even learn how to perform the "Drunken Giraffe" celebration dance at their best friend's upcoming wedding nuptials!

There is even a nice artistic connection to the Target novelisation series, with key components of each episode in Matt Smith's official first season lavishly illustrated in a potential cover, from "The Eleventh Hour" to the season finale, namely "The Pandorica Opens" and "The Big Bang".

I've just read this locally purchased and brand new publication, and would personally recommend to all and sundry nostalgia hunters. While there is admittedly nothing new that hasn't been already seen on television already, don't be nonetheless fooled into therefore believing that you won't necessarily find anything new either.

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