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A page turner from start to finish...

By:John Ellison, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Date:Saturday 19 October 2002
Rating:   10

Richards has crafted one of the three best novels in the 8th Doctor line in my opinion. Tightly woven, pulse pounding, and a thrill a minute! Everything I could ask for from a Who adventure.

His characterizations of Fitz and Anji continue the recent trend of making them seem like real people rather than plot points or cardboard stand ups. Combined with a plot that promises to keep on giving...just go read it for yourself and see!



By:Jerry Lewandowski, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Date:Tuesday 29 April 2003
Rating:   5

Is anyone sick of Sabbath yet? I am beginning to wonder if we will ever get a break from him. Don't get me wrong, he's a good character, reminiscent of the Master himself, but he is getting old and tired. Give the Doctor some new enemies or maybe bring someone along who is part of his past that can help him with his amnesia.

As far as the story of the book, it was pretty slow at first and didn't really pick up until around page 200. It wasn't as action packed as the books have been lately and it left me rushing through the book to just get it over with.

A Chilling Read!

By:Piers, Lancashire, UK
Date:Friday 24 September 2004
Rating:   8

This is another strong addition to the Eighth Doctor range. At the start the Doctor and his companions go their separate ways, only to discover that they are to be drawn into intriguing circumstances that will ultimately reunite them. So many plot strands are set up in the earlier chapters, and it is these that made this book a page-turner, trying to discover how these are all related. Unfortunately the coming together of all these elements are the weakest part of this novel, with an excessive use of technobabble and hypothetical physics being used to explain the plot. I for one had to re-read a couple of sections just to try to make sense of what was going on (I think I got there!). Another gripe is the way Sabbath is introduced into the story, which is just a retread of 'Anachrophobia'... Does he have a fancy dress trunk on the Jonah? And could Justin Richards be a fan of The X-Files - the way Sabbath departs at the end is highly reminiscent of the movie!

The book does end on a high, with the coda nicely setting up the next stage in the on-going arc. Where do things go from here?!

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