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I was right!

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 2 November 2010
Rating:   10

Tom's first season of audio stories were brilliant enough, he stepped back into the role of the fourth Doctor as if he'd never been away. It was rather nostalgic listening to that five story arc, and the stories themselves were excellent enough.

But this second season already is at once more darker, has more characters within each tale, and paced even better. The Demon of Paris is nothing short of an excellent chiller of a tale. The characters are all very well presented, La Charlotte in paticular. These series too are so tantalisingly left at cliffhangers, making me mad to find out what happens next along the line.

Its a really good idea having a different person doing the lead narration of all these different tales. Susan Jameson is getting better and better all the time. She seems to be quickly losing the raspy edge she had to her character in Hornet's Nest. And one is beginning to wonder what her nightmares are going to come to soon.

Another excellent piece of this story is the score, it gives a unique feel to this story. City of Death never had a french Paris sounding theme to go along with it, and was lacking for that very reason. But the score is never overly intrusive either.

This story has the feel of a Jack the Ripper mystery. My favourite kind of story these days. Ones that make you think and have you guessing. And of course the plot again though isnt over complicated and is easy to follow. Paul Magrs just brings to life excellent tales that have totally excellent characters and great situations and suitably different ideas inherent in every tale along the way.

Im looking forward to A Shard of Ice, cant wait to find out what happens next. These series truly do capture Tom's era as the Doctor so very well indeed.

Magrs Returns to Mediocrity

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 17 March 2015
Rating:   5

After a pretty good opening of the "Demon Quest" cycle I had hoped that the whole set would step upward. Sadly, Magrs returns to many of his old tricks in this second story. The tale itself involves Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and the question of whether he is a Jack the Ripper type of killer. This in itself is just a preposterous beginning given the artists' handicap, which is referred to only once in this whole story. The narrator this time is Mrs. Wibbsey, who does not really make much of an interesting narrator, but the choice is typical of Magrs who prefers focusing on his own characters over focusing on Doctor Who characters. The most annoying part is that Magrs writes the Doctor as so unobservant that one would almost think that he's thick in the head. As is typical with Magrs, the Doctor is placed into a famous historical location or mis-en-place, such as a circus, and then made to perform like a puppet in all the cliché aspects of the setting. So, we have to have the Doctor and Mrs. Wibbsey go to the Moulin Rouge and the Doctor perform cabaret and talk to street girls who drink absinthe, etc. This would not be so bad except for the contortions he puts the plot through to get the Doctor into these situations, making these set pieces more important than the story.

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