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Rise and Fall

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 7 September 2010
Rating:   6

Vincent And The Doctor is a highly entertaining and original episode of Doctor Who and was a joy to watch. The characters are all likeable, even the blind alien who is killed accidentally at the end which makes for a sadder ending than usual. A really well made pseudo historical which buckled this buckling series up somewhat for me.

The Lodger is also a totally different piece of Doctor Who. With more focus on characters than just the nonsense sci fi bits of the story to follow. This again started to reignite my somewhat mixed view of this series as a whole. Again the characters were likeable and we got to see Matt play a bit of footie!

Pity it had to end with such a monumental, confused, eclectic and frankly pathetic piece of garabge that I found frankly impossible to understand. The worst piece of Doctor Who ever it has to be said. Incomprehensible to the extreme. The plot threads just dont go together....thats why the new series cant match the old series...even the worst of them were more understandable than this pile of rubbish....

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